Marvin SykesHe was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. Growing up Marvin had all the things a kid could want from a mother and grandmother.

His passion as a young kid was playing baseball. Marvin dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player to move his grandmother and mother into a big house. He also wanted to give his relatives the good life like movie stars. As Marvin became older his dream was the same but because of the influences around him the dream became smaller and smaller. The corner with friends became more of the normal routine for Marvin, but as friends started to go to jail, Marvin opted for the military and joined the US Army.

Once he came back home after serving in the Army, Marvin had a little daughter. He knew he had to find a way to take care of her because he didn’t want to be an absentee father.  In 1992 Marvin’s grandmother overheard Marvin tell his friend the police department was taking applications. Grandma told Marvin to take the test and that was the last thing on Marvin’s mind. Nonetheless he listened to her and took the test.  Grandma passed away in June 1993 and close to her 1yr anniversary the police dept. notified Marvin that he was hired if he still wanted the job. Marvin began his law enforcement career in August 1994.

While working as law enforcement he always looked for ways out of his job. In 2008 he joined a company and went to the top in that company qualifying for a BMW and going on numerous company trips. Marvin continued at the police dept working towards his pension. He is still enjoying the life of a network marketer and showing people like you how to eventually walk away from your job.

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