How To Sell Without Selling

How To Sell Without Selling




How To Sell Without Selling. When you think of a traditional salesman maybe you think of a man in a slick suit going from door to door or from town to town with a crazy invention or a potion or an encyclopedia under his arm. He probably talks quickly and uses his hands like a magician might. Nowadays this kind of slick pitch-man is someone who would make very few sales. But people are still surrounded by ads and salespeople that are very flashy and that try to wow them into buying things that they don’t need. Selling like the salesman of yesterday is not an effective way to sell anymore.


How To Sell Without Selling

To be successful with your own business nowadays you need to know how to sell without selling. Learning how to sell without selling is something that can be summed up in just a few steps.

1) Before meeting with clients, don’t think about making a sale, instead think about making a friend.

2) Relate to your clients with your own stories when you are talking to them about your product or service.

3) If your clients ask you about your product or service don’t try to turn the question around or get out of answering it, just be honest with them. It’s okay to let them know that what you offer isn’t 100% perfect because many people will think that that kind of claim is just untrue. Just remember to highlight your product or service’s strengths.

4) Instead of trying to force a sale out of your client at the end of your conversation, just make sure that they know that you think leave them with a way to contact you whether they buy something from you or not. Don’t put any more pressure on them than you would on somebody that you were casually talking to about your product or service.

The key thing in learning how to sell without selling is that you need to stop thinking about people as sales and instead think about them as people. If you make a good impression with your clients they will have a more positive attitude with you and they will be more likely to spread your message – maybe without you even asking! This kind of word of mouth communication is incredibly powerful in today’s Internet age, since one person talking about you can mean that thousands of people hear about you.


How To Sell Without Selling

If you want the kind of success that this much word of mouth can bring to your business then just remember those four steps for how to sell without selling. I hope this information helps you. Do me a favor and if this can help your team please share it on your facebook and twitter. Most of all please leave a comment on the page below. How to sell without selling is the new way to build business.


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