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LifePharm Global

Lifepharm Global is opened their doors in 2001. The company is in the health and nutrition business. Lifepharm Global uses a network marketing business model to distribute their products. Based in Southern California, LifePharm has been in the business of developing, marketing and distributing premium all-natural supplements in the retail sector throughout six countries. The management team has over 150 years of experience in the industry. Lifepharms is one of the first companies to use athletes and entertainers to endorse their products. As a result of that Lifepharms sales skyrocketed through the roof. They were then  recognized when the two leading brands, Extrim and Intenz, were given the Super brands Awards for excellence.This placed them in the company of such heavy hitters as Bank of America, Boeing, Sony, Coca Cola and so on.


Lifepharm Global Product

Lifepharm main product is LAMININE. It provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most.
Laminine is a natural, synergistic super food that contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, all eight essential amino acids along with other nutritional elements. Laminine is nature’s most perfect food and the perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant. 8 tests have been conducted which showed laminine’s positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health. This product can really help with your stamina according to the test performed.


Lifepharm Global Conclusion

I am not a representative of the company. But after researching them online I find them to be a pretty solid company that has a product that is need by many. If you are looking at this company then do your due diligence on the company. I did not review the compensation plan. I was only looking at the products and services.



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