Make Money in Five Linx

make money in Five LinxMake Money in Five Linx

Many people are asking, can you make money in Five Linx? I have to say with a smiling face, yes. But you must follow a system that is laid out for you. Before we talk about that, lets talk about who 5Linx is. 5Linx was founded in 2001. They are a telecommunications company. 5Linx markets different services from cellphone providers to gas and electric in certain states as well as satellite TV with the 2 biggest carriers in the United States.. VOIP which is short for VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL is home phone service that is run through the Internet. In addition to all those service 5Linx offers an awesome service know as Business Elite. The services in Business Elite are text marketing, merchant services, computer tech support and a couple of other services that can make life a lot easier for your business. The product and services have greatly increased as of this writing.

Make Money In Five Linx

Now we are basically done talking about the products and service. Now the drum roll. Can you make money in Five Linx? If you can follow the steps that are shown to you by your up-line leader and you don’t quit, then yes you can make  money in 5Linx. The system that is in place for you to follow is pretty simple to follow, but many make it hard by putting stress on themselves after trying the business. To make money in 5Linx you need to get your first 20 customers out of the way within 30 days of starting your business and you receive $500. Keep in mind 20 customers does not mean 20 people, it means 20 services. You can be your own first customer and get a cellphone from yourself as well as home phone, Internet, and any other services you may need.  You add two new business partners within your first 30 days and they each obtain four customer points, this will pay you another $250 for a total of $750 in your first thirty days in business. Now you can see how you can make money in 5Linx in the first  thirty days of starting your new business.

The main thing you have to understand is, to make money in 5Linx you will need to be able to build your team as well. In order to build your team you are taught to make your list of family and friends and your up-line business partner will train you on how to talk to people to invite them out to your presentation. Once you feel you have exhausted your warm market, which is another term for friends and family. You will want to continue to build your business and you will have to develop a new set of skills for that. Internet marketing may become your weapon of choice to learn how to become attractive through ATTRACTION MARKETING.

Make money in Five Linx Now

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