Network Marketing Misconceptions

Network marketing has many misconceptions. All of them are really undeserved. I mean we all have heard people talking bad about the industry we love. Most of it comes from people who have been in a network marketing company, but failed to make a dime because of their own efforts.

Yeah there are some reps who have did some illegal things in the industry, but it was individuals. No different than someone who works at a bank and decides to steal money out of desperation. The bank isn’t bad, it was the person.

Network marketing companies have their own police in the USA called the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration. The DSA, Direct Selling Association also monitors companies as well. About 200 companies are in the DSA. They also have Association of Network Marketing Professionals meet once a year to regulate the companies as well.

Network Marketing Is A Pyramid Scheme

This is the most common thing people say about the mlm industry. This is the most misunderstood part of multi level marketing. As you build your team this is the first objection you hear from people you present your business to.

MLM sounds like a pyramid because of the structure it has. Yes it’s shaped like a pyramid, but it’s no scheme. Network marketing provides a service or product to a consumer. A pyramid scheme does not have a product or service. it’s a chain of people that hands funds around to the next person moving to the top of their pyramid. No products or services are involved.

Multi Level Marketing Is A get Rich Quick Scheme

There is no short cut to wealth. Same in building a team. You must do the work. if anyone is telling you that you can make money in a super fast time, then be cautions of that person. There is work involved and you have to get your team involved. The more people you get to duplicate what you do the better you will be with your business.


You Have To Sell To Friends And Family

You can sell to friends and family, but it’s not required. If your product or service is great, then why would you not bring it to your friends and family. Most training you receive from your company will teach you how to talk to friends and family about your services and products.

The days of begging family and friends to buy your products and services are gone. If you’re getting results from your product or service, then the conversation is easier to share with friends, family, and or strangers.

Only The People At The Top Make Money

This is so far from the truth. I joined a company and i was not at the top, but I was able to make 6 figures part time in that company and i was nowhere near the top. This myth comes from the pyramid scheme theory. Ain’t nobody got time for that…lol

Today’s compensation plans make it impossible for only the people on top to make allllllll the cashola. Now positioning and timing is still key to, but taking a great position means nothing if you’re not building your organization.


There are many misconceptions about mlm. You have to take into consideration who you’re receiving the information from. If it’s someone who never did it, then they don’t know. If it’s someone who did do ti, but quit within 1 year, then they don’t know it either. Get with people who are doing what you want to do. Not people that are not where you want to be.



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