The Super Affiliate Network Review

The Super Affiliate Network” is an online marketing company founded by Misha Wilson. Misha Wilson at the age of 22 terminated his college education and by the time he was 24 years, he was receiving a 6-figure pay or income. “The super Affiliate Network” associates his success with online marketing also known as Affiliate marketing. “The super Affiliate Network” is, therefore, a company which seeks to educate people on how to succeed with online or internet marketing just like Misha Wilson. The company kicks off with educating users on how to promote the network itself.
Instead of starting from scratch, “The super Affiliate Network” brings together all the necessary tools required for a successful affiliate marketing. This means that it provides a shortcut by proving you with these tools and you are ready to go. Over the past few months, “The super Affiliate Network” has received much attention specifically in network marketing circles with people questioning its legitimacy and its ability to deliver on the promises it has put across. Here are the answers.

 Target Audiences 

Basically, “The super Affiliate Network” targets marketers who are new or beginning their careers and offers training grounds for marketers who have more experience in the field. Additionally, a good commission of up to 100% is given by recruiting new members and promoting the program. Some of the advantages of joining the program is that it offers quality and effective training for marketers with lots of good offers, for a trial of 30 days, an offer of $ 1 is given which is a nice way of attracting customers and a good start. Your money is also guaranteed to come back with an addition of $100 cash back. Additionally, the user learns a lot particularly on taking advantage of advertisements that are solo and more in email marketing. Tools and Training  “The super Affiliate Network” offers a variety of membership options. For Basic Membership grants, the user can access services such as a monthly immersion training and coaching, capture pages, follow up which is multi-channel, offers to promote that are already done for you as well as a profit-boosting boot camp. If you obtain a grant of Plus Membership, you access all the services associated with Basic membership as well as other services which include; systematic profits A phone sale that is already done for you Immersion training and coaching which is weekly for a period of 1 year Custom Branding Access to all launched courses in future Magnetic selling machine Extra coaching sessions

Compensation plan

Members are given a commission for recruiting other users to sign up and join the affiliate programs. A member is also given a “commission for selling the boot camp”. This, therefore, is among the simplest plans of compensation we have seen in such a company.
The investment for starting “The Super Affiliate Network”
There are various options for joining “the super Affiliate Network”. To start with, you can pay $1 and have an access to a trial for 30 days after which you are required to pay $47 every month to retain your membership. However, you can neglect this and join for $37 every month rather than the option of $47 per month. Additionally, you can make a yearly subscription of $297. Another membership available is known as Plus Membership which required you to pay $200 on monthly basis. Plus Membership also saves you $400 if you decide to make a year subscription of $2000. With this membership, you can access every service provided on the website. For diamond coaching which is more intense, you are required to invest $9000. “The super Affiliate Network” also offers $100 cash back after 30-day trial if you are not satisfied or happy with the services offered to you. A higher costing level means that you can be able to earn more. Simply, the membership levels are as follows; Basic membership- $37 per month Annual membership- $297 per year Plus membership- $200 per month VIP membership-$2,000 per year.

 Is it legit?

Basically, “The super Affiliate Network” is not a scam. This is mainly because you have to make a subscription before you can begin earning a commission. Furthermore, for you to be eligible to get a commission on the provided training, you are required to purchase them first. For example, if you want to earn a commission of 50% on the program of diamond coaching, you are required to buy it for $9000 so you are eligible to be paid. If you fail to do so and another person whom you recruit buys it, you end up missing the $4500 commission. “The super Affiliate Network” mainly focuses on promoting the network by its members using the provided tools which is at an investment. This means that no other product gets sold or promoted. The training offered gives knowledge on how new members can be recruited at a commission and also training members on how to promote a profitable email marketing or affiliate marketing business which enables you to promote any product successfully at any given niche. The main focus of the business is to obtain traffic and by doing so, members will obtain a given commission.

Additional features 

For “The super Affiliate Network” it is easy to access help from the service providers, private coaching is available, it is easy to contact the owner, step-by-step training is offered, free websites are included and an affiliate program is available. Conclusion  Generally, “The super Affiliate Network” could appear as a scheme if you don’t look closely at it, however, there is a great chance to earn a considerable amount of money since it is legitimate. Online and email marketing is here to stay which is a good thing. “The super Affiliate Network” seeks to give some materials and tools to help you achieve efficiency in this area as much as you can. The product line and the compensation plan are easy to understand. If you have a great interest in online marketing, “The super Affiliate Network” is absolutely the best place for you. While the cost of starting may seem higher, it is worth the investment. I would, therefore, recommend you to join “The super Affiliate Network” and learn the required skills necessary for affiliate and email marketing as you earn a commission and other benefits.


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